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The average job seeker is rejected 24 times before getting hired.

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

LA Times recent article stated the average job seeker is rejected 24 times before getting hired.

It's comforting for many to know that getting rejected is the norm when apply. It can sound disheartening to get rejected 24 times when you're out of a job and need money to pay rent.

the faster you can apply for jobs in your target field, the better. I think too many job seekers are waiting around to find the right job. I think the actions takers always win in these type of situations.

Just keep going. I know it's tough. I get to see the number of applicants when a job goes up. There are over 100 applicants per job post. Only 1 person gets the job. Most job seekers probably didn't know this.

We all want to get the job we want. but don't be afraid to go outside your field and apply for other jobs and see where it takes you.

If you can be the first person to apply for a position that is a major plus. and if you can get your employer on the phone as soon as possible, that's big.

But that won't always happen. What tips can you use to get the job over other people.

Either apply first, have better skills, know someone, or keep pushing. Any advice will be a variation of that.

There's no set answer in the job market, you just can't give up.

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